Store Management System

SMT is a store management system which is developed for to reduce the time and make the process faster. This is developed for to complete the many task like: get store information, manage store survey, customer feedback, get store panorama, schedule store employee training etc in electronic way quickly. This system has two type of display one for head office and other for store manager.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Restart makes real use of the power of {LESS} syntax!. It is built upon Bootstrap, a front-end development framework with a steep learning curve. It comes with a style.less file that tries to use all the power of {less} and bootstrap combined.

Retail/Pos Management System

Kpos is a frendly touch screen point of sale system that you could use in your Restaurant, Shop, Bars and Cafes etc. Kpos System is supported to all type of os and database as well. Kpos system have rich features like: inventory, refund, cash+card, weighing scale support, total discount & per item discount etc. Also if you want to any extra features as per your requirement, Please let us know.

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